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Article: Genesis of the hype of an iconic silhouette

Genesi dell’hype di una silhouette iconica

Genesis of the hype of an iconic silhouette

The Gucci x Adidas Gazelle is more than a simple collaboration between the two brands but a real sartorial work.

Gucci has "dressed" the Adidas Gazelle as if it were one of their most important customers through the use of premium materials such as velvet, silk and leather.
The most representative color is characterized by the "Original GG" fabric in natural cotton in which the logos have the same inclination and spacing as on the Gucci bags.
The design chosen by the creatives of the Italian brand is that of the Gazelle Indoor, a model made in West Germany from 1980 of which it maintains the shape and gum sole.

But the history of the Adidas Gazelle has even deeper and more interesting roots that deserve to be told.
The shape is the daughter of the first training shoe produced by Adidas in 1963, the Olympia, a model that has created a shape that has become iconic of which Gazelle, Samba, Mexicana, Athens and many other models are a declination.

Gazelle, launched in 1966, is the deluxe version of Olympia with kangaroo leather, an extremely elastic and light material which at the time was used for racing spiked shoes (athletics) different soles

In the 1980s, thanks to its minimalist aesthetic and versatility, this sneaker was popularized in Europe by musicians from the British indie scene, such as Ian Brown of The Stone Roses and Noel Gallagher of Oasis.

But it was in the 90s that Adidas Gazelle consecrated itself as a global phenomenon, seducing world famous artists such as Madonna and the Beastie Boys.

Throughout the 2000s, it continued to maintain its influence in streetwear culture, launching new versions and collaborations, such as the Gazelle OG, the Gazelle II and the Gazelle Vintage, all of which were popular with sneaker aficionados.

The history of the Adidas Gazelle is made of successes, style and innovation and with the second collaboration with Gucci just announced it is ready to confirm itself as a timeless fashion icon.

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